Rockos Nobby Thongs

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Comfort personified in a thong!

With a soft cotton strap and cushion like sole, when you're walking in a pair of Rocko's Nobby Thongs you'll feel like you're walking on clouds. Available in six different colours there's a Nobby Thong for everyone!

SKU p_rockosnobby
Brand Rockos

Nobby Thongs!!

By On 4 January 2019
I bought 1 pair of the "Rocko's" Nobby Thongs 14 yrs ago..... I STILL WEAR THEM EVERY DAY!! They never die, I've worn them through all sorts of terrain, and they could last forever. (also SUPER comfy) I'm absolutely telling the truth & I have photos to prove it. THE BEST THONGS EVER